Inspiring, Life-Changing, A Revolution

We are so excited to celebrate our 10 Year Anniversary in April! Leading up to this special event, we want to hear from all of our students at the Revolution Academy. How did you hear about us? What made you finally make such an important life change to start training at the Revolution Academy? What has your experience been like, and what has inspired at the Revolution Academy? How have our BJJ, MMA, Muay-Thai or Kids classes changed your life for the better? We have already received some incredible stories and we can’t wait to read YOURS! 

Here’s one from Revolution Academy student, Alex Campbell:

“I’ve been doing Jiu Jitsu at Revolution academy for close to 6 years. (I think). When I first started and met Anthony, we hit it off immediately.  As I started attending classes I could tell the vibe of the school was awesome and something my speed.  Everyone got along like family and the mat was always full of a bunch of savages who were more than willing to share a few secrets with you.  It’s a sport I grew quite fond of, training as much as I could when I first started.  Soon I ran into a weird spot in my life, and some health issues.  It took me off track a bit, but the gym and Anthony were always there when I needed a day to clear the head or just offer unconditional support and condolences from the heart.  It’s never been about them, it’s always about you and how this family can make you better.  Now I try to make it to the mat at least once a week. BJJ is a humbling experience, you are on the mat with a bunch of other killers of all shapes and sizes and backgrounds.  The one thing you have in common is that you are on those mats to make each other better, not just as a jiu jitsu player, but as a person.  It’s a perspective and lifestyle that will hopefully stay with you.”

~Alex Campbell