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"Voted Best In Bucks For A Reason"

Jeanne Lesko

Voted the best in bucks for 2013 and 2014 for a reason. Revolution Academy cares about everyone that walks in the door. The owner, Anthony Colantuono, is a professional, sincere family man who devotes his time to make Revolution Academy accessible for everyone whether it be male, female, child or adult. The facility is clean, well maintained and the instructors are knowledgeable, professional and friendly.

Jeanne Lesko Medical Assistant

"It's Changed My Life For The Better..."

Anthony Mascuslo

I’ve been training Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu at The Revolution Academy for about 8 months now. I can honestly say that I don’t think I could live without jiu-jitsu. It’s changed my life for the better in many different ways. I’ve gained self confidence and learned the value of perseverance. The coaches here are great as are the people. Just an overall great atmosphere. I love it. I’ll train for the rest of my life.

Anthony Mascuslo

"They Are Bringing My Special Needs Son Out Of His Shell"

They are bringing my special needs son out of his shell and building self confidence in him at just the right pace. It is the one place he goes, that he can't wait to get there. He has developed a bond with Matt, his instructor. The class is just the perfect size for all students to get personalized instruction and encouragement. Bravo !!!

David De Long, Retired

"You Don't Have To Be In Great Shape To Join"

Jim Guinn

The trainers are informative, experienced and always willing to take a little more time with you when called for. You get to workout and learn to defend yourself. The owner Anthony is in class with you! Yeah! He doesn’t just sit a desk and sign people up. Anthony gets on the mat and actually trains you and with you. Also the other students are all nice I haven’t met anyone with an ego. Its a great atmosphere. My wife has also joined. She and I take the kickboxing classes. You want to drop weight and get your cardio up this is the place. Last thing…. they let you go at your pace. You don’t have to be in great shape to join. Give it a few weeks and you will see a difference.

Jim Guinn Mental Health Worker

"I Can't Thank You Guys Enough"

Bill Kerner

We came to you asking if you could help Justin build his confidence and self esteem. I had no idea you guys would go way above and beyond my expectations. Justin not only gained what we were looking for, he also gained strength, discipline and most of all another family that supports and believes in him. I tried explaining to Justin to just go out and give 100% and the results will show. He had the talent already, he just didn’t know how to unleash the beast!!

This is where Revolution came in. When he called and said he made the baseball team it was one of the proudest days of my life. I helped him with the skills he needed but all I could think about is how much credit the studio deserves for this. I can’t thank you guys enough. I can’t think of anywhere else that could teach kids these important life lessons while making it so fun for them at the same time.

Bill Kerner Waste Management

"It's Just A Great Place To Be"

Brian Tomaziefski

Its a great school to be apart of. The instructors are friendly and very professional. All the students are also helpful and very easy to get along with. Just a great group of people.

Brian Tomaziefski

"When I Decided To Join The Air Force, I Knew I Had To Get In Shape"

My name's Tim Callahan. I'm an airman first class in the United States Air Force. I started training Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu here at the Revolution Academy about 2 years ago. At that time I was also working in Levittown.....I had lost my better days. In high school I played lacrosse and generally just kept fit. I've always wanted to do MMA, I've always wanted to train Jiu-Jitsu, I'm a big fan of the UFC, but there was never a really good school in the area. A couple of years ago when I joined the Air Force, I knew I had to get myself back in shape. I've never gotten in better shape that I did while training here at Revolution. But more than that, when they say Jiu-Jitsu saves lives, Jiu-Jitsu changes lives.

Training Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu here and even getting into the striking classes, which I never imagined I could do, it gave me confidence. I got physically fit, I developed mental toughness, but I also just developed confidence. And the team that was here, that I never thought I could be a part of, I never expected to be part of something like this. Never once did I feel like I was an outsider. From day one, I felt like I was part of the family.

Revolution just changes people. It's a revolution inside of you. It's a revolution for Bucks County. Going to the fights or even just training here on the mats in the morning, it doesn't matter if there's a couple of you, if there's a lot of you, it's a big family. It makes everything else you're doing in life seem that much easier. You forget about your come here and de-stress, I've never had anything like it.

When I started training here, I thought you had to be a fighter or you had to think like a fighter. A lot of people also think that MMA is a bunch of dudes with weird haircuts and tattoos - I don't know, whatever you might think about it. You gotta come and train changes who you are and makes you a fighter. It makes you fight to be a better person. It makes you fight to be there person you want to be.

Everybody attitude, no pride...they just take pride in doing what they can do to help somebody else become a better person. And you pass that along to the next person that comes in after you.

So it's been a little while since I've's been about a year since I've been here in Levittown, but everyday I think about it. Anytime I have something tough or a challenge that comes my way, I think back to something I've done here that I overcame. I still feel like even if I'm not on the mats here, in my mind I'm training.

Tim Callahan, Airman First United States Air Force

"Lifelong Wrestler Working His Way To The Big Show"

"Don't Waste Any More Time"

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